Rene Alvarez, P.Eng., M.Eng.

Influencer | Entrepreneur | Visionary Innovator | Experienced Leader | Data Scientist | Expert in Advanced Analytics

Rene is a passionate and enthusiastic business leader and professional engineer, with extensive knowledge and varied experience in engineering, business intelligence, strategic planning, operations effectiveness, and change management.

Rene brings his executive and leadership experience from a number of senior leadership roles held in government, private sector, and educational institutions, with proven track record of adding value to organizations through his solid principles, integrity, and evidence-based decision making approach. 

His demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and honestly with people, and to be decisive when required, have earned him respect and trust from C-Level executives, peers, team members, customers, and students.

Rene has successfully led numerous change initiatives and business improvement projects. His solid engineering and technical background, along with his experience in business strategy, people management, and marketing, have been instrumental in achieving results beyond the established strategic goals.

As an innovative entrepreneur, Rene provides sound technical and business advice to a variety of companies resolving complex operational issues, improving productivity, and maximizing return on investments.

Rene Ignacio Alvarez Fritsch

Entrepreneur | Influencer | Creative Thinker | Sparking a movement of young entrepreneurs striving for greatness

Entrepreneurial minded individual, committed to achieving greatness, who through leadership and extensive experience as communicator, has been actively creating a positive impact in his community.

Valuable team member and leader, with outstanding sales achievements in several professional environments such as: Toronto Athletic Camps, Match MG, and ATCO Ltd.

Communicator who impacts younger generations as a speaker in a variety of events organized by Junior Achievement.

Founder of Cartoons Unleashed art programs that fosters imagination using it to create innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Leader of youth group at St. Theresa’s Parish, that takes part in a variety of volunteering activities in Toronto and around the world.

Avid traveller who knows the importance of cultural mindfulness to thrive in Toronto’s multicultural business environment.

Social Media Influencer who aims to spark a movement of young entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and achievers, striving for greatness.