SkySail offers brokerage services for you to grow your business through the acquisition of companies in Chile.  We have the experience and the right connections to help you! 

SkySail offers valuable insight of the Chilean market in various industries. SkySail strives to achieve tangible results for our customers by matching them with the right company in Chile. We have the experience and the contacts to help you in successfully buying a company to grow your business. 

SkySail assists you in evaluating various opportunities and offers the following services:

  • Prepare a Memorandum of Information about Investing in Chile (e.g. Advantages, legislation, economic landscape)
  • Obtain all the relevant information about the company to be acquired in Chile (e.g. audited financial statements, licenses, certifications, liabilities) and develop a Memorandum of Information in English about the company including a thorough analysis of the audited company's financial statements for up to three years
  • Help you in finding legal support and advice in Chile
  • Help you in establishing an offer value
  • Help you during the entire negotiation process, coordinating negotiations, providing translation services (Spanish-English) and providing advice on business structuring
  • Provide a general management of the deal to guide you throughout the whole process.

In addition to the above described brokerage services, SkySail offers the following services to its customers:

  • Support in the relocation of Executives that will work in Chile (e.g. recommendation of where to live; recommended office location; private schools for children; work visas; Spanish classes; tax registration)
  • Recruitment and hiring of staff and specialized engineers/technicians according to the customer's requirements and needs, and
  • Human Resources management (e.g. salary payments, taxes, insurance required by law, benefits).

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