Business Intelligence at your Service!

"Talent is too scarce or expensive to hire", "Training internal staff is time intensive and costly", "Lots of challenges with complex software", "Less technical savvy employees", "Software licenses are too expensive" . . .  Sounds familiar?

SkySail  is here to help you in all your Business Intelligence needs. Our team of experts will provide support to your organization though in-depth analyses using state-of-the-art analytic techniques and tools.

How to assess my risks?

In a random world, using averages to evaluate risks and to forecast future scenarios is not the right way to go.

SkySail can help you in evaluating risks and establishing the impact of different interventions, using state-of-the-art methods and software.

Are my customers satisfied?

Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a leading indicator of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty.

SkySail can help you in measuring CSAT and generating meaningful intelligence to guide interventions aimed to increase satisfaction and thus increase sales.

How is my company doing?

To make informed decisions, reliable intelligence is key. To produce intelligence, robust information is needed. Most companies have large amounts of unstructured in-house information.

SkySail can help your company in organizing the available information and creating powerful dashboards with key performance indicators to make the decision making processes smooth, informed and meaningful. 

SkySail can help you insetting Google Analytics and getting the most of your online advertisement and social media campaigns. 

Where to locate my activities?

Finding  the right location of activities (e.g. points of sale, warehouses, or distribution hubs) within the company's area of influence is key to increase sales and reduce logistic costs. By performing in-depth community assessments based on geographical metrics and population information. 

SkySail can help you in comparing different alternatives .

How to right- size my capacity ?

Having the right number of resources (employees, machines, trucks, etc.) is key to have cost-efficient operations and increase sales. Using state-of-the-art techniques.

SkySail can help you in determining the right number of resources you need.

Examples of services: Estimation of the number of vehicles needed to distribute goods to customers; Estimation of resources to be used in a new project; Optimization of the current number of resources (e.g. number of beds in a hospital); Estimation of the optimum number of employees to satisfy certain levels of service; Estimation of the medical personal (e.g. physicians and nurses) needed in an Emergency. Department to satisfy demand during different days in a week; Estimations of the number of employees needed to perform a complex task; Modeling and optimization of complex operations (e.g. manufacturing job shops). For this, Skysail works with its sister company SmartSimulation.